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Dedication to quality is at the foundation of every custom glass project.

When someone has a passion for excellence and looks around the Wingate, North Carolina area and only sees mediocrity, it isn’t uncommon to jump into the fray and show how it can be done better. That was the case when Travis and his family started in the custom glass business in 2012. Since the start of Pro Tech Glass, they have been committed to doing what Travis didn’t see being done when he worked for a large glass company— specifically, quality work. Rather than rushing through each job to be able to accomplish as many tasks in a day as possible, they were inspired to provide quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

About Pro Tech Glass in Wingate, North Carolina

The Pro Tech Glass team felt that they selected the best motto for their new business, “moving quality forward,” because they are determined to show you what quality really means. To them, it means putting the finishing touches on a project with both precise workmanship and supportive customer service from start to finish. Travis is the first to tell you that he’s a perfectionist and he’s happy to demonstrate that with the best warranties in the industry to back that up.

Travis and his wife, Danny, have two young children, so they are driven to build a custom glass family business that can be handed down one day with pride. Their custom glass solutions, including expert installation, along with other services, such as custom closets, are completed meticulously by a professional glass technician who has been trained on every stage of installation and troubleshooting. The result is as clear as glass!