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Get the answers you need about custom residential glass for your upcoming project.

Custom Residential Glass in Charlotte, North CarolinaWouldn’t it be nice if everything we ever bought was custom made so we could get a unique solution that was highly functional? It wouldn’t be feasible for many things because of the costs involved, but that isn’t the case for everything. While a custom dress could run you as much as $20,000 which makes little sense when you could get one off the rack for a fraction of that, you can enjoy custom residential glass for your Charlotte, North Carolina home for less than you might think. Furthermore, the benefits can easily make a higher investment justifiable.

A call to Pro Tech Glass gives you the answers you need about what your custom residential glass project entails and the costs involved. If you have been unsatisfied with the standard options for mirrors or shower doors, for example, you won’t have to settle for something less than you deserve. A popular option during bathroom renovations these days is frameless shower doors. Rather than have to adapt your shower configuration to prefabricated options, reach out to Pro Tech Glass to custom design and build exactly what you need.

Pro Tech Glass prides itself on quality work and achieving complete satisfaction. By backing their workmanship with the best warranties in the industry and keeping their prices reasonable, they have become a trusted source for custom residential glass. Whether you are a DIYer handling your own renovations, or an interior designer or contractor wanting the best for your client, you can rest assured that this family-owned company will strive for perfection from start to completion. Reach out today to schedule a consultation to learn more.

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