Frameless Shower Doors, Charlotte, NC

Frameless shower doors have a host of benefits you’ll love.

There are plenty of home improvement trends that are mostly aesthetic with very little attention to improving functionality and performance. Frameless shower doors do not fall into that category. When you get high-quality frameless shower doors from Pro Tech Glass, you can be confident they’ll perform well and provide you with a host of benefits.

Frameless Shower Doors in Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Beauty- Frameless shower doors by themselves are quite stylish and beautiful. However, by allowing unrestricted views of your new tilework and other bathroom renovations, your project will be beyond beautiful.
  • Easy to clean- One of the hardest things to do is clean a framed shower door. The grime and soap scum stick like glue and get caught in the frame. You won’t have that problem with the custom frameless shower doors that Pro Tech Glass fabricates and installs.
  • Sanitary- Everywhere that grime and soap scum can hide, germs can also. Frameless shower doors do not harbor germs, bacteria, and viruses, and they are easier to disinfect.
  • Add value- Since frameless shower doors are a popular trend these days, including them in your bathroom renovation will add value to your Charlotte, North Carolina home.

Not only can Pro Tech Glass fabricate and install custom frameless shower doors, but they also can make adjustments and repairs to existing ones. Their expertise with all glass-related projects means you’ll always have a ready solution for any issue you are having.

If you have questions about frameless shower doors or would like a quote, reach out to Pro Tech Glass today.

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