Frameless Glass Showers, Charlotte, NC

Frameless glass showers are easier to clean and offer a variety of other benefits, as well.

Frameless Glass Showers in Charlotte, North CarolinaHaving a clean and sanitary Charlotte, North Carolina home is something that most of us are taking more seriously these days. Germs, bacteria, and viruses can get stuck in places you might not think about. One area of concern could be the bathroom shower. Traditional shower doors have a frame that gets in the way of a thorough cleaning and can harbor contaminants. The solution is to reach out to Pro Tech Glass to learn about their work with frameless glass showers. As a custom fabricator with a wide variety of glass solutions, they can help you gain the many benefits that frameless glass showers have to offer.

Pro Tech Glass works with homeowners, interior designers, general contractors, home builders, and others who recognize that a custom approach is often necessary for frameless glass showers. It can be challenging to retrofit a bathroom from standard framed doors to frameless ones without having the capability of custom-crafting ones that will fit perfectly. In fact, a standard option might not work at all!

In addition to being easier to clean and the ability to thoroughly clean frameless glass showers, they are also more beautiful. You’ll be able to view your tilework and other shower features without a frame blocking your view. Custom frameless glass showers also make a smaller bathroom appear larger. These advantages have the added benefit of adding value to your home, as buyers are often enthralled with how frameless glass showers look.

Reach out today with any questions that you might have about frameless glass showers or other custom glass solutions for your home or for a client.

Common Questions About Frameless Glass Showers

If you are a builder or an individual working on a bathroom remodel, you may wonder if a frameless glass shower is the way to go. These shower doors do not come with a metal frame and are entirely made of glass instead.

What are some reasons to go with a frameless glass shower?
First and foremost, frameless glass shower doors are aesthetically pleasing. This type of shower door makes the shower itself look bigger because there is no metal frame blocking any sight lines.
What does the fabrication process look like?
If you ask Pro Tech Glass to fabricate a glass shower door for you, come prepared with your measurement and design. One of Pro Tech Glass’ professionals will analyze these designs, provide you with a quote, and then get started fabricating the new door.
Does Pro Tech Glass work with interior designers and contractors?
Yes! Pro Tech Glass is happy to work with anyone involved with the design, remodel, or build of a new bathroom that needs a frameless glass shower door.
Do frameless glass shower doors break easily?
Even though frameless glass shower doors do not have a frame, they are just as durable as any other type of shower door. When you use them, you do not have to worry about the shower door suddenly shattering.
How do I get an estimate for a new shower door?
Contact Pro Tech Glass directly, and they can tell you more about the fabrication and installation process, as well as provide you with a general estimate for your new shower door.

Pro Tech Glass offers frameless glass showers in Wingate, Dilworth, Charlotte, Myers Park, Gastonia, Salisbury, Matthews, Kannapolis, Monroe, Concord, Mooresville, Albemarle, Granite Quarry, Huntersville, Davidson, Sherrills Ford, Indian Trail, Pineville, Statesville, Rockwell, Locust, Mineral Springs, Cornelius, Belmont, Troutman, Midland, Lowell, Waxhaw, China Grove, Mount Holly, Denver, New London, Spencer, Mount Mourne, Landis, Oakboro, Harrisburg, East Spencer, and Newell, North Carolina, as well as Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Lancaster, Camden, Pageland, Clover, York, and Chester, South Carolina.